What's new? (Release Notes)

1.4.0 MarkUpDown Multiline Table Syntax!

No more scrunching all your Markdown onto one run-on line for HTML tables and Bootstrap. Find out how to revolutionize grids and tables here.

Bug fixes:

  • Error window on save should be gone.
    • If you were experiencing an error message on save, note that your file should still have saved.
    • Regardless, that window was awfully annoying. Should be gone.
  • HTML preview pane rendering should be more robust.
    • Times when previous sections break briefly when editing should be greatly reduced.

Also included a few minor additions:

  • Ctrl-R will now re-render the preview, in case you're not seeing something you oughta.
  • View the full path of open files in the bottom status bar by mousing over the file's tab.
  • Export to HTML file shortcut changed to Ctrl-P.
    • Ctrl-E will sometimes insert a Euro symbol € (and, painfully, sometimes not).
    • Will likely change back (or keep both) once I figure out the Euro issue.
  • Some minor CSS changes for default preview rendering.

1.4.1 Bug fixes.

  • Fixed a Markdown preview bug if you have your cursor at the start of a line ahead of a header (or some other "line start" markup).
  • Fixed a rendering bug that occasionally occurred when rendering content between ` characters.
  • Fixed a rendering bug that affected some code blocks (indented).
  • Fixed a crashing app if the user's autosave files were moved
    • Shouldn't happen in normal usage, but better safe than sorry!

1.3.0 HTML Code Paste!

Try the new HTML Code Paste with Alt-V (for paste) and Shift-Alt-V (for paste HTML as quotation). The second even includes a link to the source of the quote introducing your HTML!

1.2.0 First public release!

Also, only marginally less exciting, changed highlight tags from span to strong.

1.2.1 Change Find and Replace to case-INsensitive until I add the option to choose. Added FAQ to app.

1.2.2 Fixed a bug with shift-tabbing to remove tabs from multiple lines when the first line began with spaces. THAT'S the kind of attention to detail we're talkin' 'bout. ;^)

1.1.14 Find and Replace added. Add Header command button. Improved bullet/list formatting. Complete keystroke shortcut and command documentation. Improved image uploading flow.

1.1.13 Improved Help flies [sic]. Easier to close files! Smoother exports to HTML. New Quick Start instructions.